Nothing regular in here ! Inspired by street culture, Boombolt is an experssion of freedom, a sense of belonging, and that you belong to a larger fraternity of the free minded, experience seeking, unique and original tribe. Our Story starts with you and your lifestyle. Boombolt is a way of life, an experience for a lifetime. We welcome you to the tribe and become part of the Cult once you buy a Boombolt product.


We’d like people to take pride in belonging to this growing tribe on the street. The ones for who, freedom is as necessary as the air they gulp between the air flips on their skateboards. Ingenuity and experience, as crucial as their right to live. We stand with them.


Cross boundaries.

This is an expression of freedom and individuality. Where people could literally and mentally cross boundaries because of the experiences they’ve had. Literally, by crossing over to new places and experiences. Mentally and psychologically, by changing / adapting to newer ways and thoughts of living that are progressive.

This is also true of Boombolt’s philosophy of constantly adding innovation to products. Nothing is ordinary and boring. They’re all about crossing boundaries.


Boombolt products are distinctly street. We’d like you to express freely life experiences, be it travelling, skateboarding, date nights, co working in Bali, experiential art, anything that inspire you and makes you stay awake. In design philosophy, comfort and style goes hand in had with utility. Each product has an element of spunk and individuality. Boombolt products are high on fashion, innovative in design and unique in many ways.